‘Do Frameless Glass Shower Doors Leak?

We frequently encounter people who want to have frameless glass shower doors installed in their bathroom but are concerned about leaks.

Water damage can quickly lead to bigger problems. Not only does it weaken the wood and drywall inside walls and beneath floors, but it can create a breeding ground for carpenter ants and other destructive pests.

No Worries, No Leaking

Fortunately, if installed correctly frameless glass shower doors won’t leak. They are specifically engineered so that practically all of the water flowing from your shower head and bouncing off your body is captured and directed downward so that it can be safely removed via your drain pipe. From there, it travels into your local sewer system so that it can be treated and reused safely.

In fact, frameless glass shower doors keep more water in your shower than shower curtains or traditional sliding glass shower doors. That’s because there isn’t the air gap that exists between the shower door’s surface and the area outside, so there’s no place for the water to go except down the drain.

Improve the Look of Your Bathroom

Frameless glass shower doors also make your bathroom look more stylish than traditional shower curtains or sliding doors. With their sleek, contemporary look, they can instantly make your bathroom look more sophisticated and modern.

Plus, frameless glass shower doors are easier to maintain than other types of shower systems. They can be wiped clean instantly to provide a crystal clear glass surface that provides a neat and orderly look to your bathroom.

A Great Investment

They also can increase the resale value of your home. Many homeowners have discovered that they can more than recover the cost of installing frameless glass shower doors in their bathrooms when it comes time to sell their home.

So if you are worried about glass shower doors being leaky, you can be rest assured that they won’t. In fact, they provide a better barrier than any other type of shower system.



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