There Are Many Kinds of Temperglass Shower Doors

sliding-glass-doorsBut there are actually many different types of shower doors featured at Temperglass. So choosing the right one for your bathroom is easier than a “one size fits all” model.

Florida Shower Doors — Keep Your Bathtub

While many homeowners today choose frameless shower doors for their bathroom, some prefer to keep their existing bathtubs. Don’t worry, Temperglass has shower doors that fit existing bathtubs as well as floor-length shower doors for walk-in showers.

Some homeowners want to update their bathroom but not lose their tubs because they have children, they care for elderly relatives, or they simply like to relax in a hot, steaming bathtub once in a while. Now you can have both clear, crisp looking glass shower doors and a bathtub at the same time thanks to Temperglass.

Florida Shower Doors — Hideaway Doors

Another really cool option are hideaway shower doors that slide into existing wall frames. These types of shower doors help make bathrooms look bigger by concealing the shower doors until you need them.

Hideaway shower doors can optimize the look of your bathroom while giving you the functionality you want.

Florida Shower Doors — Not Just Clear Glass

While Temperglass has a large selection of clear glass shower doors, we also offer shower doors with smoked glass, colored glass, or even painted surfaces.

Now you can incorporate your shower doors into your bathroom’s design scheme any way you want. While clear glass shower doors are the most popular, they aren’t the only option.

At Temperglass our goal is to help you find the perfect glass shower doors for your specific purposes. With so many options and ideas, you are sure to find the shower doors for you.


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