Frameless Shower Doors Can Pay for Themselves

Florida Shower DoorsHomeowners considering frameless shower doors usually pause at the price. When you get top-rated glass shower doors, you are going to pay for quality.

What these homeowners need to consider, however, is that frameless shower doors often pay for themselves over the long run.

Florida Shower Doors — Cost Savings Over Time

Frameless shower doors are going to last a long, long time. In many cases, they are still in use when the home’s current owner sells their house.

During that same period of time, that homeowner probably would replace their shower curtains multiple times. While shower curtains aren’t very costly, that expense can add up over the course of years or even decades of use.

You only have to pay for frameless shower doors once. Shower curtains, rods, and curtain holders have to be replaced every couple of years.

Florida Shower Doors — Bathroom Maintenance

Another cost consideration is bathroom maintenance. No matter how careful you are, shower curtains leak. Water is going to get onto your bathroom floor.

And when it gets on the floor, it can seep into the tile and wood underneath, causing damage that you usually can’t see until it is too late. If that damage is extensive enough, you eventually may have to replace your entire bathroom floor. That’s a significant expense.

But glass shower doors provide a tighter seal, locking in the moisture in your shower and preventing it from leaking onto the outside floor. Your bathroom floor will last longer when you have frameless shower doors, significantly reducing your bathroom maintenance expense over time.

Florida Shower Doors — Resale Value

Finally, there’s the value that frameless shower doors add to your home. Realtors will tell you that the bathroom and kitchen are the two rooms new home buyers look at first. If your home has shower curtains, it’s naturally going to be worth less to buyers.

But when prospective buyers see sophisticated frameless shower doors, they are going to be more than happy to meet your asking price.


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