Flooding and Other Storm Damage Requires Frequent Showering

down the drainHurricane Irma has come and gone, leaving in its wake a swath of destruction and damage from the Florida Keys all the way up to the Panhandle.

Besides the immediate damage caused by heavy winds and blowing debris, there also is the storm surge and flooding to worry about.

Recovery efforts will take weeks, even months. And during that time, it’s going to be more important than ever to take extra precautions to stay safe and clean — including more frequent showers.

Florida Shower Doors — Shower Thoroughly and Often

When flooding occurs, it can cause pooling water to build up in streets, porches, lawns, and even in your own home. This water can be infected with many different types of bacteria.

If you are exposed to flood waters, it’s important to use extreme caution to avoid getting sick or injured. For one thing, there could be dangerous obstacles submerged beneath the water’s surface that can’t easily be seen.

For another, coming into the contact can cause bacteria and other organisms to come into contact with your skin. So it’s important that you clean yourself thoroughly in the shower after any contact with flood waters, no matter how minimal.

Florida Shower Doors — Increase Shower Frequency

In the days and weeks after the storm, it’s a good idea to increase the frequency of showers you take daily. Taking one shower in the morning or evening may not be enough to protect yourself from exposure to chemicals, bacteria, and other dangers.

It’s also important to clean your shower more frequently than you normally would. Whatever you are washing off your skin is going to end up on your shower’s walls and floors. So you will want to make sure it gets down the drain.

Your shower will probably get a workout in the wake of this storm. But it will keep you clean and safe.



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