Once Your Kids Are Grown, Consider Glass Shower Doors

Shower-doors-in-Boca-RatonEvery parent knows that kids are messy. When younger children are dirty after a day playing outdoors, there’s nothing easier than putting them in the tub and giving them a good cleaning.

Bathtubs are ideal when you have children. But they aren’t as useful once your children are grown.

Sure, taking a luxurious bath once in a while can be rewarding. But so is the convenience and luxury of having a full-sized shower with sliding glass doors.

Florida Shower Doors — Converting Your Bathroom

If your children are grown and have moved out of your home, consider when was the last time you actually used your bathtub to take a bath? If it has been more than a few years — or you can’t remember at all — you may benefit from converting your bathtub into a built-in shower.

Showers with sliding glass doors can make your bathroom more attractive. They also can add value to your home for when you are ready to sell.

Plus, showers are easier to keep clean and to maintain than bathtubs. There’s less bending, squatting, and kneeling while cleaning a shower, whereas cleaning a bathtub can be backbreaking and frustrating — especially if you hardly ever use it!

Florida Shower Doors — Keep One Tub

Even if you use your bathtub regularly, there’s hardly ever a need for more than one bathtub in a single house. Old-style homes usually featured a bathtub in every bathroom. But modern homes are more likely to have just one — if they have a bathtub at all.

Keep the one bathtub you usually use and convert the remaining tubs into your home into showers with sliding glass doors. This will make your house more efficient, easier to clean, and worth more when you are ready to sell.

Bathtubs are great when you have kids. But they could be costing you time and money after your kids are grown.


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