Are Your Showering Habits ‘Normal’?

Top quality shower bath tub with stone tiles and toilet.Most people have a certain routine they use every day in the shower. They typically shower at the same time every day, they heat the water to the same temperature, and they spend the same amount of time getting cleaned.

But how does your daily shower routine stack up to other people’s? Is it the same or wildly different? Here are some fun and interesting shower facts to help you compare your shower routine to other people’s.

Frameless Shower Doors Boca Raton — Shower Length and Temperature

In a survey conducted by Moen, one of the leading makers of shower faucets and other accessories, it was determined that the average shower time length per day is about 13 minutes. But most of the people surveyed said they wished they could spend about five minutes longer in the shower each day to enjoy the experience more.

One shower per day is about average for most people, although the more active you are the more likely you are to take multiple showers per day. In the US, most people take an average of 6.7 showers per week.

But when you break that average down among sexes, men average about 7.0 showers per week while women take an average 6.4 showers weekly.

As far as temperature is concerned, 62% said they prefer a hot shower.

Frameless Shower Doors Boca Raton — Time of  Day and Shower Routines

Mornings are the most popular time for showering, accounting for an estimated 58% of all showers.

During the daily shower routine, people are likely to include hair shampooing only about 5.7 times per week.

As for what people are thinking about in the shower, 67% of those surveyed said they spend their time daydreaming, thinking about their family and relationships, and planning work and household chores.

And a majority of those surveyed — 67% — said they occasionally sing in the shower because it helps them feel happy and relaxed, as well as less self-conscious because they know nobody can hear them!



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