What’s the Difference between Hard and Soft Water?

water in a sinkHave you ever showered at a hotel or at somebody else’s home and noticed that the water coming out of the shower simply feels different than your shower at home? If so, it’s probably because the water was different.

While all water coming out of faucets and showers is still water, there are regional variations. Some water is hard while other water is soft. So what’s the difference?

Shower Doors Boca Raton — Hard Water and Soft Water

Hard water isn’t technically “hard”, at least not like ice is hard. Instead, it’s simply water that contains more ions of dissolved minerals than other kinds of water. Usually, these minerals are mostly calcium and magnesium.

Soft water, on the other hand, usually has these minerals filtered out, either at the local filtration plant or via a filter in your home such as a water softener or a filter on your tap. The only ion typically found in soft water is sodium.

Shower Doors Boca Raton — Which Type of Water is Better?

Wherever you live, you typically become accustomed to the type of water you use every day. You probably won’t notice the hardness or softness of your water until you go somewhere else, such a hotel or the home of somebody who isn’t getting their water from the same water supply as you.

An exception is when water is so hard that it makes your dishes look spotty when you put them through the dishwasher or when your laundry comes out dingy.

Even your own hair can feel sticky or dull when you wash it in hard water. That’s because soap is less effective when it reacts with the magnesium and calcium in hard water, causing less lather and bubbles.

Fortunately, hard water can be easily made soft using a commercial water softener.


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