Cleaning Florida Shower Doors Faster, Easier

housekeepingOne of the relatively unexpected benefits of having Florida shower doors is that you spend less time cleaning your bathroom. That’s because cleaning frameless glass shower doors is faster, easier, and more convenient than cleaning traditional, old-fashioned showers.

Bathroom cleaning jobs that used to take half a morning can now be done in just minutes. And all you need are a few simple tools and a bottle of glass cleaner.

Florida Shower Doors — Squeegee Me

Keeping your Florida shower doors clean is simple. All you really need is a squeegee, a dry sponge, and whatever type of household glass cleaner you already use for your windows.

Simply step into your shower, spray the interior surfaces of the shower with glass cleaner, then use the squeegee to remove the liquid. Then you can wipe off any streaks or drips using the dry sponge.

Then all you need to do is to step out of the shower and repeat the same process on the exterior surface. The whole job can be completed in just a couple of minutes.

Florida Shower Doors — No Muss, No Fuss

If only cleaning other areas of your house were as fast and simple as cleaning your frameless glass shower doors!

Now you never have to dread cleaning your bathroom again because the whole task of removing built-up grime and dirt from your frameless shower doors can be done practically before you’ve even started.

Want to make the job even easier? Then leave another squeegee in the shower and give your frameless glass shower doors a wipe after every time you use your shower. It only takes a few seconds but it will help keep your shower doors cleaner longer so that you don’t have to clean them as often.

There are a lot of unexpected benefits to having Florida shower doors, including fast and easy cleaning.


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