10 Shower Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

modern glass shower cabinThe majority of people shower every day without thinking about it. Stepping into the shower is part of their daily routine.

Here are some shower facts to consider the next time you step into your shower for your daily cleaning ritual.

Frameless Shower Doors Boca Raton — Men vs Women

Men and women behave very differently in the shower. For example, men take shorter showers, averaging about 12 minutes per shower, while women shower an average of 14 minutes.

While they are in the shower, 64% of women spend most of their time thinking about their daily to-do list, compared to only 48% of men.

Men say they prefer a less powerful shower spray compared to women, who generally enjoy higher water pressure. And nearly 70% of men say they shower daily, compared to only 57% of women who participated in a recent survey.

Frameless Shower Doors Boca Raton — Showers by Country

The residents of Mexico take the most showers on average, followed by Australia and France. The United States came in fourth place.

Perhaps not surprisingly, showers and baths accounted for the most water usage in the typical home, accounting for about 38% of all water. Toilet flushing came in second at 30%, while washing clothes in the laundry was a distant third at just 12%

Frameless Shower Doors Boca Raton — Record-Setting Shower

The longest shower ever occurred on April 12, 1984, when Kevin “Catfish” McCarthy took a shower at Buffalo State College that lasted 341 hours.

Most people stand while taking a shower, but not all. About 6% of people say they sit down while showering, while 15% said they stand most of the time but will sit down in the shower to shave their legs.

How people shower also differs. 68% of people said they face away from the shower head as they clean while 32% said they face toward the shower spray.

However you shower, you can improve the experience and the look of your bathroom with frameless shower doors from TemperGlass.



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