The One Thing That Will Instantly Make Your Home Worth More

sliding-glass-doorsFor many people, their home is their biggest financial asset. So when you are going to sell your home, you obviously want to get the most for it that you can.

The price you get will likely be close to the market value of similar homes that were recently in your area, with a little wiggle room. The difference between homes that sold on the high end of the scale and those that sold for less usually is how impressive they looked to prospective buyers.

So before you put your house up on the market, you want to do everything you to make it look more spectacular without breaking the bank and cutting into your profit margin.

Florida Shower Doors — Instant Value

The two rooms that tend to make the biggest impression on buyers are the kitchen and the bathroom. Updating a kitchen can be costly. Things like new cabinets, countertops, and appliances can quickly add up.

But dramatically improving the look and feel of your bathroom is fast, easy, and effective when you simply replace your existing rod and shower curtains with frameless glass shower doors from TemperGlass. Shower doors look glamorous, modern, and sophisticated. And they instantly increase the value of your home in the eyes of prospective buyers.

Florida Shower Doors — The One Must-Do Upgrade

If you don’t already have frameless glass shower doors in your bathroom, your realtor may recommend that you install them before you start showing your home. It’s going to be easier to get buyers interested in your bathroom looks updated with frameless shower doors, even if you don’t do anything else to improve the way it looks.

Whether you are selling your house or simply want to make it more comfortable, functional, and luxurious, frameless glass shower doors from TemperGlass will improve the look, feel, and value of your home.



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