Frameless Shower Doors Ideal for New Construction

Frameless-Shower-Doors-in-West-Palm-BeachIf you are building a condo, apartment building, hotel, resort, or any other type of multi-unit residential building, consider adding frameless shower doors to your pre-construction plans.

Frameless shower doors are an investment in both the current and future value of your property. They make any bathroom look more modern, sophisticated, and valuable. And by adding them during construction, you can save the cost of future renovations.

Frameless Shower Doors — The Smart Choice

Regardless of the type of multi-unit structure you are building, frameless shower doors are the perfect choice for your bathroom design. Most new homeowners, apartment dwellers, and even hotel and resort guests expect modern bathrooms, especially in new construction. So adding frameless shower doors to your bathrooms will help increase sales and attract new customers.

They also add value, allowing you to ask more for your sales price or rental expense.

They also are easy to install, especially when they are being put into multiple units simultaneously. You often can save money on both the purchase and installation costs when you buy in bulk.

Frameless Shower Doors — Buy Now, Save Later

By including frameless shower doors as part of your new construction, you can provide an updated bathroom from the very beginning. That saves you money later on future bathroom renovations. So the money you spend now on upfront costs can be recovered later. Plus, your tenants can enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated bathroom with modern, sleek design.

Any way you cut it, including frameless shower doors in your pre-construction design plans makes sense. They can make your property easier to promote, allow you to charge more per unit, and retain and add value to the property for many years to come. That makes frameless shower doors the obvious choice for your new multi-unit construction project.


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