Let’s Face It, Shower Curtains Are Gross!

2146 CASA BASKINIf you are a recent college grad living in your first apartment, you probably have shower curtains hanging in your bathroom. That makes sense. They are economical, practical, and often decorative. But they are also kind of disgusting. Let’s be honest.

Shower curtains are to bathrooms what cast iron stoves are to kitchens. They are an outdated technology that may get the job done but attract dirt and grime in the process. And like that old cast iron stove, shower curtains have no place in a 21st Century home.

Florida Shower Doors — Get with the Times

Showers with shower rods and curtains were a feature found in most of the tract housing built in the 1940s and ’50s. They helped keep costs down so that post-war first-time homeowners on a budget could move into their starter homes right away.

In other words, they served a purpose at the time, but they are no longer practical. If you are living in a home with shower curtains in the bathroom today, it’s not only outdated but probably a little dangerous as well.

The folds of vinyl or plastic shower curtains hold onto moisture, allowing mold and mildew to quickly reproduce. If you don’t clean your shower curtains frequently and thoroughly (and let’s be honest, who cleans their shower curtains at all, let alone frequently) it doesn’t take long before they begin to discolor and even smell.

Florida Shower Doors — The Modern Solution

It’s simple: If you still have shower curtains, get rid of them. Frameless glass shower doors by TemperGlass are not only more hygienic but they also instantly add style and grace to any bathroom.

They can even add value to your home. So stop living in the past and put your family’s health first. Add stylish frameless glass shower doors by TemperGlass to your bathroom and step into the 21st Century.


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