Frameless Glass Shower Doors and the Florida Lifestyle

Frameless-Shower-Doors-in-West-Palm-BeachFlorida is different than anywhere else. It’s not only sunny and warmer year-round, but it embraces a culture that celebrates both individuality and eccentricity.

The Sunshine State has always been a hotbed of self-expression. For generations, people have migrated to Florida to escape not just the cold and snow, but the oppressive sameness of other places. Florida is a place where people can be who they are and enjoy themselves the way they want without having to worry about what other people think.

Florida Shower Doors and Individual Expression

This freedom of expression extends to design as well. Art Deco defines South Beach because it expresses a distinctive look and texture that is unlike anywhere else.

Florida homes don’t have the same cookie cutter homogenous look that they do in other places. It’s not uncommon to find houses painted flamingo pink, deep sea blue, or other colors that would be out of place anywhere else than here.

The same frivolity and carefree spirit extend to interior design as well. Many Florida homes feature an open-air design that allows for plenty of fresh sea breezes and sunshine to flow freely through living spaces.

The Freedom of Florida Shower Doors 

Bathrooms are no exception. Frameless glass showers doors are more appropriate in a Florida household than probably anywhere else in the US. They allow 360-degree sightlines while opening up bathroom spaces so that they are more spacious, breathable, and comfortable.

Florida’s unique personality and frameless glass shower doors from TemperGlass go hand-in-hand. Both offer an escape from the mundane and normal as well as an opportunity to express oneself in complete confidence and freedom.

If you own a home in Florida, consider adding frameless glass shower doors by TemperGlass in your bathroom spaces. Not only will they improve the experience of showering in the Sunshine State, but they will encourage you to live your life to the fullest in the place where people can be anybody they want to be.


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