This One Weird Trick Makes Bathrooms Look Bigger

Shower-doors-in-Boca-RatonIn any home, the bathroom typically is the smallest room in the house. Yet it’s the one room that just about everyone uses at least a couple times per day.

Most bathrooms are plenty big for the role they serve. But they look smaller because of the way they are constructed. Yet one simple trick can make any bathroom look significantly larger.

Frameless Shower Doors Fort Lauderdale

It’s a simple math equation: The average bathroom measures about 36 to 40 square feet. A guest bathroom is even smaller and might measure 5 feet by 8 feet. Yet many homeowners will essentially cut a large portion of the viewable room area off by means of a shower curtain.

A lot of homes in the US that were built prior to 1985 featured step-in bathtubs. Most homeowners would then hang a shower curtain to prevent water from leaking out during showering. But an opaque shower curtain instantly cuts off a large percentage of an already small room even further.

Replacing your step-in tub and shower curtain with frameless shower doors by TemperGlass instantly opens up that space, making your bathroom look substantially larger.

New Home Construction

Modern homes are more likely to feature walk-in showers than step-in bathtubs. But some builders will still install either shower curtains to save construction costs and maximize profits. When they do, it’s the eventual homeowners who pay the price.

If you are planning or designing a new home, insist that the builder include frameless shower doors by TemperGlass in your bathroom design. Not only will they provide years of service and comfort, but they also will make your bathroom look bigger and more appealing.

You are the one who is going to have to face your bathroom every morning. Don’t you want it to look spacious and inviting? Frameless glass shower doors increase the size of your bathroom while simultaneously adding to the resale value of their home. Now that’s math that adds up in your favor!


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