Glass Doors and Walls Offer the Best of Both Worlds

Law Office, Fort Lauderdale, FL (1)The trend in office design these days is open spaces. The theory goes like this: Businesses are more efficient and more creative when people aren’t cooped up in tiny offices or cramped into cubicles.

But the problem with open-space offices is that sometimes too much socialization is counterproductive. When workers spend more time chatting and gossiping than they do working, it cuts down on actual work time.

A solution is to have the best of both worlds by installing glass walls and see-through doors. Clear walls and doors open up offices, allowing sunshine to flow through while still offering the privacy and compartmentalization most businesses need.

Shower Doors Boca Raton — Improved Business Design

Interior designers are taking lessons learned from bathroom renovations and applying them to office design. Frameless glass shower doors for bathrooms open up small spaces while adding light and luxury to any bathroom.

Now office designers are creating the same effect in business spaces. See-through offices are great for creativity. But when you let in light with glass doors and walls, you get all the benefits of open space offices with none of the drawbacks.

Shower Doors Boca Raton — Good for Business

Office spaces that include glass doors and walls create better sightlines for both employees and managers. They also instill confidence in clients and customers who don’t wonder what’s going on behind closed doors.

Glass walls and doors can also cut down on utility costs because businesses don’t need to spend as much to light and heat closed, separate office spaces. And they can make spaces easier to rent for building owners by making offices look more attractive and modern.

The trend in office space today is toward transparency. Glass doors and walls allow business owners to get all the benefits of open-space design while still retaining the value of having separate spaces. And that’s just good business.


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