Painted Glass – Imagine the Possibilities

Painted Glass

Painted Glass ColorsPainted Glass is a modern, sleek and hygienic alternative to tiles and laminates. Back painted glass creates a product that outlast most architectural products such as tiles, marbles, granites and laminates. It doesn’t allow mold or bacteria to form, it is waterproof and water resistant, and it is very easy to clean and maintain.

At Temperglass we offer a vast array of colors to create the mood and look you want for your home and business. Any color can be created and permanently bonded onto any thickness or size glass substrate, including tempered, textured, or slumped glass.

Back Painted Glass uses: Kitchen Backsplash, Vanity Tops, Escalator Walls, White Boards, Mirror Borders, Table Top, Spa Walls, Commercial Interiors, Wardrobe Doors, Pillars, Cabinet Doors, Signs, Bathroom Vanity and more, much much more.